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Green Turtles (Y1/2)

Welcome to Green Turtles!

We are the amazing KS1 class at Poolsbrook Primary Academy. We love working together to become better learners every day. We try our best to follow the Poolsbrook Pride rules and try to make our classroom a warm, friendly, happy place for us all to learn. 


Please take some time to have a look round, see what we have been learning and help us to celebrate our learning journeys!

Our Learning

Fire! Fire!


Our topic this half term is Fire! Fire! We will be learning about the materials used to build houses today and comparing them with the materials used to build houses in 1666. We will be testing materials and exploring how we can change the shape of objects. We will learn about the houses in 1666 and how the materials they used were flammable and contributed towards the 'Great Fire'. We will be comparing the fire fighting equipment used in 1666 to that of today and we will be having a virtual visit from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue. We will also be learning how to measure, mark and cut to build our own Tudor houses. Finally, we will be creating an online Fire Safety portal which we can share with the local and wider community.

In Spring 1 we will learned all about the weather, the Sun and how as we rotate and travel around the sun the days and seasons change. 


In English we studied the texts The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers and Man on the Moon. We were excited to begin using No Nonsense Phonics for our daily phonics lesson!


In Maths we will be learned to count, read and write numbers to 100 and beyond and understand what each digit represents in a two digit number. We also learned about addition and subtraction and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve multiplication and division questions.