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Red Pandas (Y3/4)

Welcome back everyone!


It is wonderful that we are finally all back together again. It has been amazing to see how the children in Red Pandas have risen to the challenges of current times and adapted so well to blended learning. But we are so happy to have everyone back in school, and we have an exciting term ahead of us!


This half term our ‘Big Idea’ is conflict. At the centre of this idea, we are studying the invasion and settlement of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in the 5th – 8th centuries AD. We will learn all about the Anglo-Saxons, their way of life and the lasting impact they have had on Britain. We will continue to develop our historical skills by analysing primary material to draw our own conclusions about these fascinating people. In DT, as part of our topic on textiles, we will be designing and making Anglo-Saxon money carriers. Our English lessons are also liked to the Anglo-Saxons, as we continue to use our Talk for Writing approach to look at stories with historical settings and characters, including writing our own Anglo-Saxon adventure stories, influenced by foundational texts such as Beowulf.

We will also be exploring the root of some conflicts through PHSE, where we will be learning about diversity and equality.

In Science, we have an exciting and practical topic exploring electricity, giving us plenty of opportunity to build and test circuits to see how they work.

In Maths we are spending some time recapping ‘Key pillars’ of the topic areas taught during lockdown. We know that, whilst families and children made a fantastic effort to continue their learning during lockdown, it is important that some of these areas are revisited to ensure that the children have the foundational cornerstones in place to allow them to progress with later topics and in later year groups. We are very lucky to have Mr O’Neill joining us in maths lessons for the coming months, allowing an even more personalised approach to be taken to the maths curriculum. In addition, the weekly year 4 booster club starts on Tuesday 16th March, allowing us more time to work on key areas of the curriculum and reinforce the remote learning that has taken place during lockdown.

Red Pandas Newsletter Spring 2021

Welcome to Red Pandas!

We are the awesome Year 3 and Year 4 class at Poolsbrook Primary. We are working hard to build our resilience in the face of challenges and always try our best to follow our Poolsbrook Pride rules, making our classroom a warm, welcoming and exciting place to learn. We know that no matter what challenges we face, we can get through them together!


Please take some time to have a look round, see what we have been learning and help us to celebrate all our learning and achievements.

Our Learning

This half term our ‘Big Idea’ is Wonder. We will be learning all about the Moon, by studying what different cultures believed about the moon in the past, how our ideas and understanding changed over time, right through to the scientific developments of the 20th century and humankind’s first steps on the moon.

We will also be learning about a range of scientists and inventors from across history, and how their wonderous discoveries changed the way we live.


In English we will be using our Talk for writing approach to learn about and write our own adventure stories. Later on in the term we will also be learning about, writing and performing poetry. We will continue to develop our love of reading by reading widely across the curriculum, getting the chance to experience a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction texts.


In Maths we will be continuing to learn about multiplication and division, then we will focus on length, perimeter and area.