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Late/Absence Procedures



It is extremely important that your child attends school regularly to achieve continuity in their learning process. Children should only really take days off from school when they are ill.


Doctors and dental appointments should be made before or after school.  If this is not possible they should be made at the beginning or end of the day. If children do have to miss part of the day for such appointments please inform the school and ensure that the children return when the appointment is finished. 


If you child is absent from school then please do one of the following:


  • Send a written note to the school office. 
  • Telephone school before 9:00am with a message, which will be passed on to the class teacher.
  • Leave a verbal message at the office or with the class teacher.


Mrs Parker is available to support parents with attendance. If you wish to speak her, please contact the school office.




From September 2013 the Government has withdrawn the right of Headteacher's to grant any leave of absence for holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents who take their children on holiday without permission will incur unauthorised absence for their child and be issues with a fixed penalty notice and/or court action.