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Poolsbrook Primary Academy

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Poolsbrook Primary Curriculum Principles

Golden threads running throughout curriculum.


Our broad and balanced curriculum has been developed to inspire our children through enquiry, addressing the identified barriers to learning, to deliver the skills, cultural knowledge and understanding to achieve every day of their lives. It encompasses our school values of aspiration, confidence, creativity, enjoyment, perseverance, pride and responsibility.


PBPA staff supported the development of our curriculum vision which is based on the context and needs of our local community. We communicate our vision through the acronym, 'WIRE',


W - Wisdom

I - Inclusive

R - Rich vocabulary 

E - Experiential


If you require any further information about our curriculum don't hesitate to get in touch via the school office at


The Flying High Curriculum

Our FHP curriculum, underpinned by current research and the National Curriculum, ensures our children will be well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of their journey. It will promote the demonstration of compassion, mutual understanding, integrity and a pursuit of excellence in order for our children to reach their potential and make a positive contribution to the wider world. Our enquiry-based approach takes children on a journey of memorable learning through rich and purposeful experiences, culminating in authentic outcomes which leave a legacy. 


Fluency in the core subjects, with reading at the heart, enables access to the full curriculum and is therefore integral to our approach. The curriculum is carefully designed through enquiry drivers (for example: History, Geography and Arts), enhancers and discrete subjects, ensuring coverage, progression and retention of knowledge and skills.  Our knowledge-rich curriculum is underpinned by key concepts. Children explore concepts throughout the curriculum, revisiting them in a wide range of contexts and through the lens of different subjects.  This promotes a deep understanding of the concepts and enables the transfer of knowledge to the long-term memory.  It aims to provide inclusive and aspirational environments where learners thrive and build the cultural-capital they need to make aspirational choices about their own future, overcoming any barriers. In order to achieve this our curriculum is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Relevant and current 

  • Empowers children 

  • Promotes character and heart 

  • Memorable learning 

  • Provides opportunities 


Our trust mission is to create the best schools in the universe and as part of this we celebrate the unique nature of each school. Our ethos of adopt, adapt and fly recognises the importance of a curriculum to meet the needs of each community.  The implementation of the FHP core elements and principles provides all children with the knowledge and skills they are entitled to learn. We aim to make every day count!




Our Model:

Our curriculum progression makes use of the Flying High Key Knowledge Progression Documents (KKPDs) to ensure learning builds on prior learning throughout children's time with us. These documents are based on the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and the Derbyshire and Derby Agreed Syllabus for RE.


Discrete teaching of subjects


Certain subjects are taught discretely (not as part of an enquiry). For many of these, we use published schemes which we deliver in a way to meet the needs of the children in our school.


These discrete schemes are:

Computing: PurpleMash

Music: Charanga

French: Primary Languages Network