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Poolsbrook Learning Journey

Poolsbrook Learning Journey is the visual metaphor we use as our lesson design sequence.

It has been developed in line with the latest educational research and is in line with the Teaching and Learning expectations of the Flying High Trust.


Pre-teaching is where we deliver the pre-requisite knowledge or skills required to access the upcoming learning.

A pre-teach is the equivalent of giving children a 'head start' to new learning.

Not all lessons will have a pre-teach element.



Children retrieve the required prior knowledge out of their long-term memory so we can build on it through the lesson.  Knowledge that is retrieved is then re-encoded stronger back into long-term memory stronger at the end of the lesson.



This section is where the children learn from direct instruction and teacher modelling. The teacher introduces the new learning by showing how it builds on the knowledge that they have just retrieved from long-term memory.


Learn Together

At this stage of the lesson, children begin to apply their new learning themselves under the supervision of the teacher.  Answers and responses are shared with peers either in pairs, groups or whole class discussion.  The teacher will use this opportunity to gradually reduce and remove any scaffolds currently in place.  They will also address any misconceptions prior to independent practice.


Independent Practice

At this stage children will apply their learning independently.  It is the expectation that all learners will go beyond just replicating what has been modelled to ensure that the new learning is encoded into long-term memory.  The teacher will work the room to assess children in the moment and provide intervention as required.



To conclude the lesson, the key learning is reiterated and reflected on by the children.  This helps to encode this in long-term memory.