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Purple Frogs (FS1/2)

Welcome to Purple Frogs


Welcome to Purple Frogs, the Foundation Stage Unit at Poolsbrook Primary Academy. We are made up of the Reception and Nursery groups.


The adults are -

Mrs Bennett (Class Teacher)

Miss Wilson (Foundation Stage TA)

Mrs Marsden (Nursery Nurse)


We learn through a combination of adult-led and child-initiated activity both indoors and outdoors.  We enjoy getting busy in our exciting environment which offers lots of opportunities for us to practise our skills. At times, as you can imagine, this can mean we get a little bit messy! Please don't be upset about this, it means we have worked hard and had fun!

We are proud of our school and all the hard work we do. We follow the Poolsbrook Values of Show Respect, Aim High and Be Safe, in order to ensure everyone feels happy at schools.  

We start each day full of enthusiasm for our journey to become true Bright Sparks!

Welcome to the Spring term


This term our enquiry question is - What Makes Me, Me?

Through this question children will be investigating all about themselves. They will be delving into their past and their family to find out about the experiences which have shaped them in their lives so far.  We will investigate appearance, likes, preferences and aspirations in order for children to uncover the ways in which they may be the same or different to others. The children will begin to understand there are individaul differences between people, families and communities. The aim is to enable children to begin to appreciate and accept that people are not all the same and to learn to celebrate this. This is the begining of developing attitudes which are tolerant and accepting of others and sensitive and empathetic to others. After the half term break we will continue along the same enquiry theme and begin to find out about how to look after ourselves and stay healthy. The main learning intentions are for children;

  1. Things which have happened are called the past.
  2. People remember special events from their own past.
  3. Age is the length of time a person has lived. Children will know their age and year of birth.
  4. People grow and change from babies to children to adults.
  5. A family is a group of people who, in most cases, live together. Family members usually love and care for each other very much.
  6. Families can look very different from each other.
  7. People differ in appearances. Describe own appearance.
  8. People differ in their likes, interests and aspirations.
  9. Diversity should be celebrated.
  10. People need to keep healthy to stop them getting ill.
  11. To keep healthy people need to have a healthy diet, lifestlye, hygiene routine and sleep.

Daily Essentials

Book Bag (Reception) - Ensure children read at home daily.

Water bottle


Wellies (to keep at school)

Spare change of clothes